Sunday, September 2, 2007

Whats The Difference Between Acrylic. Sunbrella And Vinyl Bimini Tops?

Our opinion on acrylic Sunbrella Fabric:
Sunbrella is the "trade name" of the fabric. It is made by a company called Glen Raven, it is made from a 9.25 oz acrylic. and they call it Sunbrella.
Sunbrella Is a Solution dyed, Woven Acrylic . Basically it is what most people call "canvas." (But it is not "Canvas") To the untrained eye it appears the same. It is breathable and waterproof at the same time. Sunbrella fabric is the number one choice (and most expensive) for persons looking for an all purpose out door fabric. It is used for many outdoor applications. You will find it used to make awnings for storefronts, to covers for high quality outdoor patio swings, and of course, Bimini tops and high end boat covers.
Sunbrella fabric has been around for 45-50 years.

The water proofing on sunbrella will last for a minimum of 5 years, (they claim) But a re-treatment is required if you want to keep a 100% water repellent.

Benefits of Sunbrella
Sunbrella is not affected by Heat or cold. It is UV resistant, mildew resistant, water resistant and can be cleaned with mild soap (only for heavy stains) and will not fade quickly. I personally recommend sunbrella for any person seeking a Bimini top that has extreme temperatures, or if you leave the Bimini top up at all time, such as people who live on the lake and never put the bimini top down. Sunbrella has recently extended their warranty to 10 years for the marine fabric! WOW!!! You cant beat that!

VINYL Bimini tops:
Basically, unless you have leather seats on your boat, They are upholstered in vinyl. This is the same type of vinyl that the vinyl Bimini tops are bade out of. The only difference is the vinyl Bimini tops have a denim backing for added strength. I only recommend a vinyl top for someone who only goes to the lake on weekends, Holiday's etc., and will not heave the top up ALL the time. Continuous exposure to sun and weather can cause the vinyl Bimini top (over time of 3-5 years) to dry an crack. Also vinyl tops get really soft and stretchy in extreme heat and can easily tear, In extreme cold it gets really stiff and rigid and could actually crack if moved too quickly.

Benefits of Vinyl
The Up side of Vinyl is it is 100% water proof and never needs any kind of RE-waterproofing. It is nonporous and easier to remove "the little gifts from birds" than sunbrella. It. also comes with a mildew resistant finish. If you still have concerns please feel free visit our web site and click the contact us page.
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Shark Skin Fabrics
Shark skin fabric is a 100 % polyester fabric. It is a light weight fabric and and has all the features you would expect in a Bimini top. Water repellent, mildew and UV resistant. I recommend it for "Weekenders"
Performance poly-guard
The poly-guard fabric is a great high quality fabric. UV resistant, mildew resistant and typically has a 5 year warranty.
Benefits of performance poly-guard
Its lighter than sunbrella so its great for boat covers as well. Its also a little less expensive.
Its a great mid-grade fabric.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How do I measure My Boat For a Bimini Top?

To measure your boat for a Bimini top you need to measure from "mounting point to mounting point" This is the spot you want your Bimini top to mount at. OR if you already have a existing Bimini top, all you need to do is measure the original mounting brackets. (from side to side) if the measurement is, for example, is 78 inches wide. You will then need a Bimini top frame that fits a 75"-81" inch beam (width).

Height and length is mostly up to the person buying the top, Taller people need a taller top, etc.. some people want more shade.. The height is measured from the mounting point up.

For more helpful tips please see our website pages on "how to measure:"

Where can I find a bimini top for my boat?

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